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Birth preparation training

Birth Preparation Training

The beginning of motherhood: a milestone

Pregnancy is the most wonderful and the most difficult process that can happen to a woman in her lifetime. Everyone lives uniquely and differently, but there are so many similarities. The birth preparation training helps the pregnant woman get rid of her old burdens, which she is not even aware of, and make room for her baby in her life, in her body and in her psychology.

It is not necessary to be in a certain period of pregnancy to participate. But If you are able to
start enjoying this journey sooner, the whole process and birth can become of higher quality and even more enjoyable. (However, we recommend it to be at the 34th week at the latest..)
Trainings are also organized individually.

-In-depth psychodrama games, in which participants will share and have fun together in a safe environment,
-breathing and relaxation techniques,
-imaging techniques, theoretical information about birth physiology,
-active positions at birth,
-breathing and straining at birth,
-interventions at birth,
-Information about the concept of mother-baby friendly hospital
-mother can get to know more
her own body more and help both herself and her baby during birth.

-To ensure that pregnant women – who are confident in themselves and their babyies, and can listen to their instincts and inner voice during birth, experience the joy of childbirth.
-To guide families to have enough knowledge and experience to take responsibility for decisions at birth.
-This way, it is possible to reach the birth preferences that families will make consciously.