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About Doula


what is?

For thousands of years, women who have given birth before have accompanied other women during their births. Over the past century, birth has moved from home to hospitals. In this case, it is not always possible for the hospital staff to accompany the pregnant woman in a continuous and empathetic way (Due to staff shortage or other reasons.)
In this scenario, women’s support usually is medical and technical. Research shows that physical contact, massages, and holding hands can reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to relaxation. In the 1970s, Professor John Kennell and Klaus Marshall were interested in the “DOULA” phenomenon and showed in their studies that the continued presence of a person who positively supports the woman during labor has a major impact on the duration of labor and the frequency of birth waves. In meaningful studies over a long period of time, they have been able to prove the impact of lost knowledge on older generations and cultures. They gave a new name to this ancient profession: “Doula”. Doula comes from an ancient Greek word, “douleia”, and means “to serve women”.


who is?

A doula;
– recognizes the woman during pregnancy and is in a ‘positive-trusting relationship’ with her.
– accompanies the woman in labor with her constant presence during childbirth.
– helps to design the birth environment in such a way that the woman feels safe, protected and comfortable.
– supports women in finding their own personal and individual birth method.
– strengthens the woman’s confidence in her body, strength and feminine intuition.
– motivates the woman to take up and take positions that support the progress of labor.
– offers relaxation techniques and massages to facilitate pain and anxiety management.
– their presence also calms the father and helps him find his role in the birth
– respects the closeness of prospective parents.
– explains and supports the development of the bond between the child and the prospective parents.
– gives information about prenatal, birth process, various common and alternative pain relief methods. In doing so, it conveys facts without judgment.
– does not replace the midwife and does not undertake any medical duties.